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Providence Canyon State Park, GA

Located roughly 45 minutes south of Columbus, GA is Providence Canyon State Park. The canyons located there were caused by poor farming techniques during the 1800s, and have created a beautiful place to hike and spend the afternoon. With a free Friday, I set off to spend the day with Thor, my German Shepard, and give him a day outside s2016_03_11 Providence Canyon Watermark 001o he cou2016_03_11 Providence Canyon Watermark 002ld play in nature. We loaded up the truck with a day bag, water, and some lunch, ready to take it easy and enjoy the scenery for the day. After arriving we signed the log book to let the rangers know that we were inside the canyon and I let Thor off his leash. I chose to hit each of the nine individual canyons and then finish the 2.9 mile canyon loop trail back to the truck. Also located in the park is a backcountry trail loop that is seven miles and has six campsites along it.

2016_03_11 Providence Canyon Watermark 005
Thor relaxing while we people watch in canyon five.

Once we entered the canyon floor, the long stretches of the stream bed and lack of people allowed Thor to run up and down while never leaving my sight. The trails were easy to locate and follow requiring little effort to hike, allowing for a leisurely stroll through the canyons. Each of the nine canyons offered a different spectacular view, and are each worth at least a quick stop in. Canyons 4/5 allowed for one of the best floor up views of the canyons. Looking up it was amazing seeing what mankind had done to the earth and how mesmerizing it had become. The cool breeze that moved through the canyons were welcomed with the uncommonly hot day (high 80s in March). Thor and I stopped multiple times within canyons 4/5 to enjoy the view and people watch from one of the higher points withing the canyon.  Everyone that walked by seemed to be enjoying such a beautiful day is this sea of colorful rock and sand.2016_03_11 Providence Canyon Watermark 006

2016_03_11 Providence Canyon Watermark 007
Thor trying to recreate a Fallout4 commercial by the old homestead.

After our little break, Thor and I moved to canyons six through nine where I set up lunch and enjoyed the peaceful nature of the park. All of the canyons had something different to offer aesthetically and I was glad that we stopped into each one to see how different they all turned out. Once we completed our trip through the canyon floor we got back on the canyon loop trail and head up top to finish the hike. Here we came across the old homestead which was located in the parks locations years before. The old cars now located here have become part of the ecosystem within the park and could no longer be moved. On2016_03_11 Providence Canyon Watermark 004ce above the canyon floor the view down into the gullies was breathtaking. The hike moved us around the edge of the canyons allowing us multiple views of the floor below. The 2.9 mile hike took Thor and me roughly four hours to complete.  We enjoyed the scenery, took in the fresh air, and just let ourselves relax for the afternoon. If you are ever in southwest Georgia, Providence Canyon Recreation Area is a must see.

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Welcome To FAO

Welcome to Family Adventures Overland (FAO).  Spending time camping, traveling, and overlanding; weather alone, with friends, or family; in the end the desire to meet new people is always there. The people we meet will become friends and over time they will be like family as we share adventures together.  As I travel I would like to share my experiences with you, both the good and the bad.  I will tell you about the people I meet, the places I go, and the equipment I use.  Feel free to comment or email me about anything I post or just drop me a line if you want to chat.